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Policy on the Use of the WFWO's Name, Logo, Banner and Materials

The WFWO Name and Logo are the property of the WFWO, are registered, and are protected. The following guidelines govern the use of the WFWO's Name and Logo by Local Networks [a], Partners [b], Participants [c] and other Stakeholders [d] of the WFWO initiative including advocacy. The WFWO reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of a breach of this policy. Possible actions may include, but are not limited to, removing the participant’s name from the list of participants, revoking participant status, and/or instituting legal proceedings with the appropriate authorities. Any suspected misuse of the WFWO name or logo in the context of the WFWO should be referred to WFWO's Communications Team or Legal Adviser at: [email protected]

1. Use of the WFWO's Name, Logo, Banner and Materials

The WFWO grants Participants and other Stakeholders a limited right to use its logo (“the WFWO”), which is displayed above. The WFWO’s general policy is to permit its participants and other stakeholders to use the WFWO logo only in the context of their activities promoting the WFWO and its goals, but not in any manner that suggests or implies that the WFWO has endorsed or approved of the activities, products and/or services of the organization, or that the WFWO is the source of any such activities, products and/or services. In most circumstances, the WFWO suggests that participants and other stakeholders use the slogan “We Support the work of the WFWO”.

For all proposed uses of the WFWO's Logo and Banner, the permission of the WFWO's Communication Team must be sought in advance from the WFWO. Please provide a sample of your document via email request at:[email protected] in order to provide us the sample document indicate where you would like the logo to appear. Specifically, please note that the following uses will not be permitted:

  • Any use of the logo as a component of an organization's own logo, trademark or other branding elements;
  • Any use of the logo for the promotion or advertising of products, services and other activities intended to solicit business;
  • Any use of the logo as a permanent graphical element of stationery, business cards, or other variably utilized print materials;
  • Any use of the logo suggesting or implying a certification or seal of approval for activities, services and/or products;
  • Any use of the logo or slogan or material under the name of the WFWO by any Organisations or Foundation not registered and not fill all eligibility and terms and conditions required by WFWO's policy;
  • Any use of the logo or statement by an individual for his personal use or organisation not authorised by WFWO's Management;
  • Any use of the logo or slogan, banners of the WFWO for its personal or private purpose;
  • Any use of the logo or slogan, banners of the WFWO should have all requisite and eligibility apply to the WFWO policy.

2. Use of "The WFWO” Logo, Banner and Materials

Participants in the WFWO and other Stakeholders are encouraged to widely advocate and express their support for the WFWO and its principles. For such activities, the WFWO's Communication Team may authorize Participants and other Stakeholders to use the modified for complain purpose “The WFWO” logo (hereinafter). Please note that the following conditions apply for the use of the WFWO's logo:

  • The WFWO's logo must be placed in such a manner that it is clear from the context to which organization the "We" refers;
  • The WFWO's logo may not be sub-licensed to any other entity without the prior written consent of the WFWO;
  • The WFWO's logo is not to be used in any manner that suggests or implies that the WFWO has endorsed or approved of the activities, products, and/or services of the organization, or that the WFWO is the source of any such activities, products or services.

In accordance with this policy, the following uses of the Logo will generally be permitted:

  • To support the WFWO's Special Events or Campaigns;
  • To support the WFWO's activities on MDGs;
  • In training and/or other educational materials related to the WFWO;
  • In documents and/or other materials designed to promote the principles of the WFWO;
  • In statements outlining a participant’s WFWO-related activities;
  • In the context of a participant’s Advocacy/Communications/Special Events ("ACSE");
  • As a permanent graphical element of stationery, business cards, and other variably utilised print materials;
  • In the context of promoting or advertising products and services of a participant, provided that the logo is not used as a designation of origin;
  • In connection with fund-raising for the WFWO or related Communications Special Events Activities;
  • In connection with advocacy activities including the WFWO's Goodwill Ambassador for Development and other partners.

However, for all proposed uses, including those referred to above, permission to use the WFWO Logo/Banner or materials must be sought in advance from the WFWO's Communication Team or from the legal office. Please provide a sample of your document via the email logo request and indicate where on the sample document you would like the logo to appear. Please note that the following uses will not be permitted:

  • Any use of the Logo in connection with fundraising that is unrelated to the WFWO or related Communications Special Events activities or other advocacy purpose;
  • Any use of the Logo suggesting or implying that the WFWO approves or endorses the activities, products and/or services of the organization;
  • Any use of the Logo as indicia of origin of products and/or services;
  • Any use of the Logo, Name of the WFWO or other promo material needs to be approval by the WFWO Management's before to be posted in any areas.

To facilitate participants uses of the Logo/Banner in their ACSE as well as helping stakeholders to identify a ACSE, a special contextualized version of the Logo, Banner has been introduced. It may be downloaded and used within a participants ACSE without prior permission of the WFWO. Use of this Logo/Banner is optional.

The Logo/Banner can be downloaded online. Permission is still required for all other uses of the WFWO logos, including in the context of a participant's ACSE.

3. Use of the WFWO's Name and Logo by Partners and Local Networks

The terms and conditions under which Partners of the WFWO and Local Networks may use the WFWO's Name and Logo will normally be set out in documentation or agreements establishing or memorializing the relationship. In all other cases, where there is no agreement, the policies set forth herein will apply. A logo template has been created for Local Networks and will be adapted on demand. This logo can only be used by the official representatives of the Local Network concerned in the context of their official activities approved by the WFWO.

4. Rules Governing the Reproduction and Display of the Logo, Banner and Materials

Maintaining consistency in the display of the WFWO's Name and Logo by the WFWO and its Local Networks, Partners, Participants and other Stakeholders is an important aspect of the strategy to advocate the principles of the WFWO. Accordingly, when participants, stakeholders and local networks incorporate the WFWO name and logo, banner in their materials for the permitted uses outlined above, they are asked to strictly adhere to the following guidelines regarding the reproduction and display of the WFWO's Name, Logo or Banners. For more guidance please refer to at the WFWO at: [email protected]

Elements of the Logo

  • The WFWO logo are composed of four unique elements: (1) The wording, "The WFWO Working Together for a Better World" or "The WFWO's Goodwill Ambassador for Development"; (2) The "WFWO logo for Special Events; (3) "The WFWO Partner - "Under the slogan "We Support the WFWO Work" or the WFWO’s Communications Team can provide other wording if is necessary for special campaigns.

Reproduction of the Logo

  • Each of the WFWO logos must be treated as a unique element and resized proportionally. The minimum size of the WFWO's Logo or Banners are pixels for digital for print. The reproduction of the logo should be generated from high quality artwork. Accordingly, the authorized user is required to use the authorized artwork that is provided by the WFWO. The Logo and Banners or wording should never be reproduced by hand, nor should the wording be substituted with another typeface. The letters should not be altered or redrawn, nor should the elements be re-spaced.

Colours of the Logo

  • The logo may be reproduced in black and white. The preferred colour is WFWO green world. Translates to the following colour categories:
  • Green World, with semi-cyrcles: Blue Sky, White, Yellow, Viola;
  • The WFWO's Logo is translates to the WFWO's mission is to: Working together for a Better World for Change: Peace, Human Rights, Solidarity for Sustainable Development and Environment;


In the case of the colour logo, the colours from the artwork provided by the WFWO should not be modified. To ensure readability, the colour logo should always appear on a white or light-coloured background. The logo may be reproduced in black and white for use on other backgrounds. A screen tint or shade should never be used when reproducing the WFWO's Logo or Banner.

Appearance of the Logo

  • In all materials on which the WFWO's Logo is used, the WFWO's Logo must appear in isolation, uncluttered by competing images. The logo should appear horizontally. The logo should not be used as part of a sentence or word phrase or associated with any non-related symbols or graphical elements. The Banner Logo must not be used out of context where it is unclear to which organization the "We" refers and partners.

5. WFWO's Advocacy, partners and stakeholders that have been authorized to use either the WFWO's Logo or Banners on their website, are strongly encouraged to link the Logo to the WFWO homepage at:

a. Advocacy Partners and Local Networks are organisational entities, NGOs, CBOs of WFWO stakeholders with varying degrees of governance structure established to further the goals of the WFWO's and the WFWO principles at all levels locally, nationally and internationally.

b. A Partner, is an organizational entity with whom the WFWO's is working in the interests of furthering the goals of the WFWO.

c. Participants are institution and other organizational entities that have signed on to the WFWO and that are expected to fulfill the requirement of communicating their progress to their own stakeholders.

d. Stakeholders are Participants and other organizational entities that have expressed their support for and willingness to engage in the WFWO's Advocacy activities or events.

6. Use of the United Nations Name and Official Emblem (used by the WFWO's in its website)

The use of the United Nations name and emblem, and any abbreviation thereof, is reserved for official purposes of the Organization in accordance with General Assembly resolution 92(I) of 7 December 1946. That resolution expressly prohibits the use of the United Nations Name and Emblem for commercial purposes or in any other way without the prior authorization of the Secretary-General and it recommends that Member States take the necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized use thereof. The United Nations Emblem may be authorized for use by non-UN entities in exceptional circumstances, such as for illustrative and educational purposes. All uses of the UN emblem by non-UN entities require the prior written authorization of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Requests for such authorization should be submitted to the Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations, New York, NY 10017. Any suspected misuse of the United Nations name and emblem should be referred to the Office of Legal Affairs at the United Nations.

7. Copyrights info Policy:

Permissions Information

The following information on use of copyrighted materials applies to WFWO created documents only. For permission to use third party materials appearing on the WFWO's website, you must contact the WFWO Web Coordinator at: [email protected]

Personal Use of WFWO website Documents and Material

  • WFWO's hereby authorizes you to view, copy, download, and print for personal use WFWO resources (such as, press releases, datasheets and FAQs) that are available on this web site, subject to the following conditions:
  • The documents may be used solely for personal, noncommercial, and informational purposes. They may not be posted or distributed.
  • The documents may not be modified;
  • All copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices may not be removed;
  • All logos or banners of the WFWO partners campaigns should not be copied from WFWO's website;
  • This permission does not extend to materials owned by other content providers that appear on the WFWO's website.

Commercial Use of WFWO's website Materials and Screen Shots

Reproduction, copying, or redistribution for commercial purposes of any materials or design elements on the WFWO website is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of WFWO's Communications Team. Permission is granted only when certain limited criteria are met, and the requester agrees to certain terms of use.

If you are a publisher or author and wish to use screenshots of websites displayed as an illustration in a article, or you are the producer of a movie or TV show and wish to display documents within the WFWO's website in the background of a scene, you may submit your request and agree to the terms of use online. You must agree not to alter the WFWO.

To use a currently available info material, in a way that would convey endorsement or approval, not to use the WFWO in conjunction with offensive content and to include a copyright attribution statement. WFWO cannot give you permission to use screenshots of websites belonging to others. We can only give you permission to use the WFWO material as the frame in which the document is displayed. If the description above fits your situation, please contact us for a written authorisation.

WFWO reserves the right to refuse permission to copy of the material of the WFWO's website, distribute, broadcast, or publish any of its copyrighted material.

Use of Logo, Banner and Materials

Use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution of WFWO's Logo, Banner and Materials is strictly prohibited without written permission from WFWO's Communications Team. You may request permission for Logo use, but such permission is granted only infrequently. Send your request for permission to use WFWO's Logo to Legal Adviser or Communications Team at: [email protected] and put Logo request in the subject line.

Linking to WFWO's website

WFWO's linking is website or from another, need a request in writing to the WFWO.

Downloading Documents

All documentation made available for download from WFWO website is the copyrighted of the WFWO or its partners. The documentation ownership is retained by the copyright holder.

We reserve the right to refuse permission to copy, distribute, broadcast or publish any of our copyrighted material on WFWO's website.

Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement

If you believe that fraudulent or has been copied and is accessible on the WFWO's website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify us at Legal Adviser office at: [email protected]

For further information please contact:

WFWO's Communications Team or Legal Adviser Office at: [email protected]